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      1. 廣州賽奧智能裝備有限公司
        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
        The company is located in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 30 acres, with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities.

        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
        Company has two major product categories: high-performance fiber composite equipment and advanced composite innovation hub..

        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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        main business
        【Winder series; High-performance fiber equipment series; Plastic woven equipment series】
        APF series printing machine
        Model APF-6C
        Printing speed 60-80
        Max. bag width 850mm
        Printing color 6color
        The unit adopts indirect automatic flexographic printing technology to realize the length and length of the woven bag without replacing the drum and gear. At the same time, the electric eye tracking technology is used, and the double-sided printing is completed in one process.
        The maximum color of this series of printers is 9 colors, with 5 colors on the top and 4 colors on the bottom. If you have special needs, please explain in advance.

        Technical advantages

        • Printed woven bags of different sizes do not need to change rollers, gears
        • Double-sided printing in one process
        • Overprinting accuracy without error
        • Non-stop change
        • EPC automatic edge correction
        • Automatic cycle ink supply
        • Double-sided infrared drying, automatic shutdown
        • Servo motor drive, frequency control
        • Color standard electric eye tracking single-sided color film bag, printing on the second side
        • PLC centralized control, touch screen data display, setting, recording

        Each machine consists of:






        The unwinder is equipped with a double-station delivery device with automatic rectification, The unique slope electric method is easy to use.。Equipped with automatic cloth feeding device, photoelectric control replaces the base fabric without stopping. The traction float automatically controls the tension of the cloth.


        Unwinder frame800mm

        automatic rectification

        motor power1.5kw

        Frequency converter1.5kw

        Color-coded electric eye :American Banner


        Satellite printing system


        The system adopts satellite design, flexographic printing, plate roller transfer to pad printing roller, pad printing large roller embossing cloth base, one-time double-sided printing, accurate imprinting without error. The plate roller does not directly contact the cloth base, protects the plate and keeps the plate clean. When the machine is stopped, the plate roller and the pad printing roller are automatically retracted to reduce the waste bag. When the machine is stopped, the ink motor automatically mixes the ink to maintain the uniformity of the ink. The ink automatic circulation system is convenient for controlling ink concentration and uniformity. The printing system's overprinting accuracy can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and can be used in one calibration. The servo motor controls the length of the bag to ensure print quality. The speed of the inverter control is fast and slow, and the PLC is centrally controlled to keep the systems running synchronously.


        Polyurethane printing rollerφ100×720,Rubber layer thickness :10mm

        Anilox roller 220/inch

        Plate roll specificationφ420×850

        Big printing rollφ860×850

        Ink motor0.25hp

        Equipped with air pump control ink automatic circulation

        servo motor:3kw

        Brake clutch:48Kg

        Main motor3.75kw

        Frequency converter3.75kw   ABB



        Drying system


        The drying system is independent and the printing system can control the drying effect according to the actual situation. When the automatic control system controls the shutdown, the drying box is automatically retracted to protect the cloth base.


        Thermostatically controlled oven3kw





        The winder adopts friction winding, and the EPC automatically corrects the deviation before winding, and the automatic counterweight keeps the winding paper roll flat and solid. The cylinder push cloth roll and the auxiliary winding roller automatically enter the winding station to realize automatic roll change without stopping.


        Gas sensing correction

        Winder motor   Taiwan dongli

        Frequency converter   ABB

        Cylinder pushing device for easy change of cloth roll



        Electrical cabinet

                                      Highly integrated and reasonably wired.

        Technical Parameter
        No. Name Unit Parameters Note
        1 Printing speed Bag/min 60-80 1000mm as the standard
        2 Max. bag width mm 850mm  
        3 Bag length mm 0-1200mm Direct touch screen setting, no replace printing rolls, gears
        4 Printing color kind 6 Front 4 colors reverse 2 colors
        5 Printing area mm Max 1000×720 L X W
        6 Thickness of printing plate mm 4  
        7 Total power kw 15  
        8 Dimension m 12.5m×2m×2.2m  
        9 Weight kg 5300  

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