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      1. 廣州賽奧智能裝備有限公司
        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
        The company is located in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 30 acres, with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities.

        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
        Company has two major product categories: high-performance fiber composite equipment and advanced composite innovation hub..

        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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        main business
        【Winder series; High-performance fiber equipment series; Plastic woven equipment series】
        ATA600 Winder
        Max. winding speed: 600m/min
        Max. Diameter of bobbin: 160mm
        Transverse distance: 200mm
        The Double Station Winder aims to achieve high-quality, high-tech winding, and is suitable for uninterrupted production and winding of PP or HDPE yarn.

        Technical features:

        l Compared with ordinary single-station winders, the labor intensity is reduced by 40%.

        l The product is independently researched, it is reliable and durable, and the success rate of changeover is over 99%.

        l According to different specifications of yarn, it can be set independently, and different winding parameters can be selected. The spindle is perfectly shaped and has a wide range of applications.

        l Can independently select the "Diameter mode" or "Length mode" as the conditions for changeover, It can ensure the consistency of all spindles, which is conducive to the subsequent production process.

        l "Continuous winding technology" is adopted to ensure the same tension between the inner and outer spindles, reduce the yarn breakage rate of the circular loom, and reduce the deviation of the fabric width.

        Technical Data
        Width of yarn 1.6-6MM
        Raw material PP/HDPE
        Winding ratio Digital winder ratio
        Tape tension range 30-350g
        Max .winding speed 600m/min
        Max. Diameter of bobbin 160mm
        Titer of  yarn 400-3000 Daniel
        Winding cylinder inner dimension 35mm/38mm
        Winding cylinder outer dimension 38-41mm
        Bobbin length 218mm
        Speed adjust of cam and bobbin Three phase inverter
        Transverse distance 200mm
        Remarks: # item can be adjusted according to user requirements
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