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      1. 廣州賽奧智能裝備有限公司
        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
        The company is located in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 30 acres, with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities.

        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
        Company has two major product categories: high-performance fiber composite equipment and advanced composite innovation hub..

        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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        main business
        【Winder series; High-performance fiber equipment series; Plastic woven equipment series】
        ATA600DG Winder
        Model ATA600DG
        Winding Ratio Electronic
        Winding Speed 3-50m/min
        Max Bobbin Diameter 320mm
        ATA600DG winder suitable for: PP tape, Monofilament, Grass fiber, Glass fiber, Coating&dipping fiber, Ceramic fiber, TPFE fiber, PPS fiber, High performance plastic fiber.
        The winder, designed for speciality fiber, is the preferred product for upgrading and updating of speciality feiber enterprises. It can produce the big spindle with max diameter of 300mm which keeps the yarn tension inside and outside consistent, to ensure the highest efficiency and quality of the next process.

        Technical characteristics:

        Big spindle with good quality, max winding diameter of 300mm.

        All winding parameters can be input and stored electronically, switching variety of fibers quickly and effectively.  

        Variable electronic winding ratio, to ensure the tension inside and outside big spindle consistent.

        Dual motors, independent drive, reduce the associative links, decrease the maintenance cost.

        Yarn guide roller with ceramic surface treatment, to reduce the damage for fiber.

        High flexibility and wide range of application.


        Mechanical characteristics and optional items:


        Reduce the pressure of yarn press roller(The pressure will reduce with the winding diameter enlarges)

        Reduce the tension of yarn (Pneumatic&controllable tension bar)

        Special coating surface of yarn guide roller(Optional: yarn guide roller with orange skin surface treatment)

        Meter counter and capacity inquiry(Optional: increase capacity inquiry and immediate speed display)

        Technical specification
        Winding Ratio Electronic
        Titer 180-3000dtex
        Winding Speed 150-600m/min
        Max Bobbin Diameter 300mm
        Tube ID 50/76/90mm
        Tube Length 220/270/280mm
        Traverse Length 200/250mm
        Yarn Tension 100-1200cN
        Frame Structure 4 tiers, single row
        ﹡Can be adjusted on customer’s request.
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