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      1. 廣州賽奧智能裝備有限公司
        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
        The company is located in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 30 acres, with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities.

        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
        Company has two major product categories: high-performance fiber composite equipment and advanced composite innovation hub..

        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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        ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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        main business
        【Winder series; High-performance fiber equipment series; Plastic woven equipment series】
        Product Application
        AW11 Winder
        Titer 100-1500dtex Max.Winding Speed 800 m/min Max. Bobbin Diameter 250mm
        Product Application
        AW11 of winder suitable for: Aramid fiber, PBO fiber, UHMWPE fiber, PIfiber, high performance ceramic fiber.
        The winder is designed for the high-speedy rewinding of high performance fiber, fully auto rewinding according to the pre-set fixed length mode and fixed diameter mode, to ensure the consistency of quality of the spindle and save labor and labor intensity.
        Technical characteristics
        • Fully auto change-over, suitable for high-speedy production line, max speed of 800m/min, change-over based on fixed length mode and fixed winding diameter mode, without yarn wastes in the process of change-over.
        • Electronic winding ratio: precise electronic winding ratio, it can achieve precise winding through randomly changing winding parameters and patterns according to the specification of fiber.
        • Variable winding ratio: it can be set randomly which is benefit to the winding of big spindle with the perfect shape and without the fallen yarn.
        • Electronic tension control: it can be adjusted online through the uniform setting on man-machine interface. The tension is balanced and consistent with high precision.
        • arn feeding structure: special design of two-roller down yarn entrance with less touch point which can reduce the friction for fiber to an extreme and avoid damaging the quality of fiber.
        • Contact pressure control: special design of contact pressure method, can be set uniformly through the man-machine interface. The contact pressure will reduce gradually with the winding diameter enlarges.
        • Traverse control: adopting servo drive, high precision of yarn guide and perfect shape.
        • Yarn guide roller: all yarn guide roller adopt ceramic surface treatment which have no damage for yarn with high durability.
        • Processing parameter storage: all processing parameter can be stored in PLC and used directly after confirmation. It can store max 10 kinds of processing parameters.
        Technical Specification
        Titer 50-3000dtex
        Winding Ratio Electronic
        Winding Speed                                                                                                 350-800m/min
        Maximum Bobbin Diameter                                                             250mm
        Yarn Tension                                                                                                      50-1100g
        Tube ID﹡                                                                                                 94mm
        Tube OD                                                                                                      106 mm
        Tube Length﹡                                                                                                          290mm
        Traverse Length﹡                                                                                                             250mm
        Frame Structure                                                                   3 tiers, single row
        ﹡Can be adjusted on customer’s request.
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